Feb. 18th, 2017

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Hey, everyone! Long time no speak. Nostalgia has been the name of the game for me lately, fandom-wise. I've been cleaning out my email inbox, for example - or at least making one of my periodic heroic attempts at it - and oh man, the nostalgia is killing me.

I miss fandom the way it used to be, guys. )

All in all, 2016 wasn't a very satisfying year for me, fandom-wise - and the less said about IRL politics or the weird, discombobulating "hurry up and wait" place my personal life has been in for the better part of the year, the better. So this trip down memory lane is hitting me in the maudlin extra hard.


Oh well. On the other hand:

Fond memories. )

Aw, hell. It's been far too long since I had a good ramble here about the media I'm consuming, so let's have some!

Mobile Suits! )

Benders! )

Superheroes! (cont.) )

Magical Girls! )

Has anyone else tried out Voltron: Legendary Defender, by the way? I've gotten totally hooked (my favs are Shiro, Allura, Keith and Pidge), and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna wish I had waited a couple more years to do so, because the show is clearly in no hurry at aaaaaaall to tell the story and unveil the secrets it means to. But it's too late now, so PLEASE SUFFER WITH ME!


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