06:52 pm

FIC: Careful What You Wish For [Darker than Black x Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Amber&Pai&Kyubey&Hei]

07:04 pm

FIC: Living the Dream [Darker than Black, Hei & Pai]

07:10 pm18

FIC: Lilith the Morning Star [Darker than Black, Amber x Hei]

07:21 pm

FIC: The Human’s New ’Do [Darker than Black, Hei & Pai & Amber]

07:26 pm

FIC: Straight Across [Darker than Black, Hei & Amber]

07:35 pm

FIC: And Many Happy Returns [Darker than Black, Amber x Hei & a Kid]

07:44 pm

FIC: Debts Are Like Children [Darker than Black, Hei & Kiko & OC Coworker(s)]

08:08 pm

FIC: Many Hands Make Light Work [Darker than Black, Hei & Ootsuka & Misaki & OC Coworker(s)]

08:27 pm

FIC: From the Mouths of Babes [Darker than Black, Hei & Matsumoto & Kouno & misc OCs]


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