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FIC: Desert, Dessert [Canaan, Canaan x Maria]

Title: Desert, Dessert
Author: Omnicat
Spoilers & Desirable Foreknowledge: All of Canaan.
Warnings: Innuendo.
Characters & Relationships: Canaan x Maria
Summary: Two very different things. Do not mix. // 120 words
Author’s Note: Enjoy!

Desert, Dessert

The truck swings; Maria squirms, regrets it immediately, then does it again in Canaan’s direction.

"There’s sand in my underwear," she whimpers into dusty white hair – ‘dusty’ in two senses of the word.

"Mine too," Canaan sighs. "And my teeth."

"And my eyes."

"My hair..." Canaan scratches her head. "My bra..."

A flicker of surprise sparks heat even amidst Maria’s cloying exhaustion and aches. She lowers her voice further, nuzzling Canaan’s neck under the guise of fatigue. "You were wearing a bra today?"

Canaan’s shoulders shake with gentle laughter. "I’ll show you later."

"In the shower?"


"...the cold shower," Maria groans, reconsidering. "I’m beat."

Canaan yawns, tilts her cheek into Maria’s head. "Yeah, me too. Bra tomorrow."

"Bra tomorrow."

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