Feb. 22nd, 2017

omnicat: (I Speak Fangirl)
Because the first three volumes of the OFFICIAL ENGLISH RELEASE are up for preorder!

Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, out in July, September and November of this year, respectively.


On a very tangentially related note:

Oh noooo, the third Fitz and the Fool book sounds like it's going to have SO MANY INTERESTING DEVELOPMENTS AND WORLDBUILDING, and like there's been so much interesting stuff building up to it. D: Now I really want to read all the new Seven Duchies stuff I've been ignoring/putting off. But by this point it's a 16-book, increasingly doorstopper 'verse, and I'd have to reread all of it from scratch to satisfy myself because it's been almost a decade since Fool's Fate. And I'm STILL scared that if I revisit the whole thing now, it won't hold up to my fond memories of it and instead will find it tainted by the same unbearable whining and spinelessness that ruined that Robin Hobb/Margaret Lindholm short story anthology I picked up a couple of years ago. Noooooo, what do.


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