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FIC: The Gift of Life [Universal Century/Gundam Unicorn, Marida & Zinnerman]

Title: The Gift of Life
Author: Omnicat
Spoilers & Desirable Foreknowledge: The Gundam Unicorn OVA series.
Warnings: Canon warnings apply.
Characters & Relationships: Marida Cruz & Suberoa Zinnerman
Summary: “Marie Twelve.” Oh no, not that, he clearly hates that. “Marie Two,” then?
Author’s Note: 1) I’m sure every last word of this is contradicted in the novel, but I don’t speak Japanese so tough tiddies, my friends. 2) WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE PROTECT ALL THESE GODDAMN PURUS?! щ(ಥДಥщ) 3) Enjoy!

The Gift of Life

"Marie Twelve."

Oh no, not that, he clearly hates that.

"Marie Two," then?

Because on second thought, she realizes her mistake; surely she isn’t the eleventh girl he has tried to replace his daughter with. Twelve is a lot. Even in Master Glemy’s pilot pool, she had been the last.

She isn’t sure how she’d feel about the number change (Puru Two had been a traitor, but her death had been... better, somehow, than all the others. Warmer), but it doesn’t matter; he hates this too.

He’s lying to himself.

Men who buy her often do.

Are you sure you can take me, little girl? Do you like it? It’s good, isn’t it?

"What do you want to be called?"

As if it matters.

She doesn’t ask what number he’s really on, and she doesn’t resist the name he eventually settles on: Marida.

"If that’s going to be your only suggestion, we’ll at least make it a proper name of your own."

She doesn’t even tell him he isn’t fooling anyone.

Master Glemy is dead. Puru Twelve has lost her true purpose, so she serves any purpose. Beggar, whore, daughter – it’s all the same. She is Master Zinnerman’s daughter now, though, and he told her her whoring days are done. So they are done. She crushes an ensign’s wrist to make the point, and the ensign is the one who gets the boot.

It gets the point across.

Master Glemy is dead, and Puru Twelve should have been, just like her sisters; but Marida Cruz has a new master.

"Don’t call me that," he says, as if she could call him anything else. She lives to follow his every command, but she cannot follow this one. It’s just not how it works.

And Zinnerman tries to be a kind Master, but he is a fool. A blind, lying fool.

"You want to pilot that?" he asks, when he sees her staring.

The machine he gives her is not the cage Master Glemy trapped her soul in – not yet.

But it’s all the same, isn’t it?

It’s not. It’s not. It never is again.

A fool, yes. But a kind one.

Thank you, Father.

You had a good death, Puru Two tells her, the first of them to be made and the first of them to greet her in the light. First, but not last. There is no such thing as treason here, no pain or sorrow or confusion.

Yes, Marida says, and lets their warmth envelope her like an embrace. And a good life.