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Marvel Cinematic Universe Fic

Captain America

Arterial Spray
A monster would’ve had fun; all he’d done was flush his last shred of something irreplaceable down the drain. // Bucky drabble
Steve’s soulmate’s words form a sentence. That, in itself, is a bad sign.
Nice and Toasty
Peggy goes into heat. The timing is unfortunate, but then again, there’s a war on. It’s never a good time. Until she calls on Bucky to fuck her through it and they make it a good time, of course. // A/B/O Lemon
Read All About It
Peggy Carter and Bucky Barnes love each other and hate the twenty-first century. So much hate. // Peggy x Bucky
Snow Gets In Your Eyes
In some worlds, it’s their first and only kiss, their could-have-been. In this world, it’s the half-second difference between coming to a stop at the edge of the cliff or plunging over it to a fate worse than death. // a Peggy becomes the Winter Soldier AU
The Virgin Rogers
Steve is adamant that he’s still a virgin. There may be something of a misunderstanding here. // Steve x Peggy x Bucky

Multichapters / Series

Hook, Line, and Sinker (WORK IN PROGRESS)
The lives and loves of Bucky Barnes, shapeshifting merman.
Guppy Love
Bucky can’t sing or swim, except that he totally can. It’s complicated.
aka the one where Bucky Barnes is a merman and the greatest tragedy in a child’s life is not being able to go swimming with your friends // Steve x Bucky
Lots of Fish in the Sea
     Chapter: Bucky and Steve
     Chapter: Bucky and Peggy
     Chapter: Bucky and Steve and Peggy
     Chapter: Steve and Peggy
     Chapter: Bucky
Hydra had Bucky on a lab table for god knows how long and never discovered his secret. Cue Agent Carter walking in on it pretty much the moment he and Steve make it back to camp.
aka the one where Bucky Barnes is a merman and once you’ve lived through your single worst nightmare, ‘chasing tail’ puns are a close second // Steve x Peggy x Bucky
Canon-divergent AU branching off from the more or less canon-compliant Hook, Line, and Sinker. Steve walks away from the wreckage of the Valkyrie and returns home in time to propose to Peggy on V-E day, and some fifteen years later, the Winter Soldier's handlers make the grave mistake of sending Bucky Barnes after his best guy and girl's young children.
It's all domestic fluff and hurt/comfort and suburban absurdity from there. :D The mermaid thing may or may not be relevant or even visibly present in any given installment. Fics with "fish" theme titles contain overt mermaid stuff, fics with "bird" themed titles don't.
A man may take himself out of the war, and the war out of himself, but what does he put back in?
Early Birds
They have a lot of options. Not least of which: going back to sleep while the grown-ups do their thing.
The Christmas Cookie Caper
What's a brainwashed assassin turned suburban dad supposed to do to keep his homemade baked goods safe around here?
Once Upon A Tide
     Once Upon A Tide...
     Ten Years Later
“Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away, there lived a fisherman, a fisherwoman, and a merman...” // standalone / sidestory
aka the one where Bucky Barnes is a shapeshifting merman, and his children are deeply unimpressed with the lack of imagination that goes into their bedtime stories. The alternative is... unfortunate, though.

Agent Carter

It's so nice to have a riveter around the house. // Peggy x Colleen
Have Yourself (Be Yourself)
There comes a time in every SSR agent's life when the phone company excuse just doesn't cut it anymore. For Peggy, that turns out to be Christmastime.

Iron Man

The Butler and the Firewall
“I knew a program called Jarvis once.”
“A friend of yours, sir?”
“He was a back-stabbing, boot-licking, unprincipled data-pusher who abandoned his User and got exactly what was coming to him,” Tron said.
“I’m sorry, sir. I hope you won’t hold the memory of this person against me,” J.A.R.V.I.S. said.
LoraB heaved a weary sigh. “Tron, honey, we talked about this. ‘Tact’, remember?”
// crossover with Tron: Legacy


Bills To Pay
Note to self: alien royals make for bad house guests. // Loki x Jane x Thor, set in the 'verse created in The Worst Laid Plans
Five Times Thor Failed to Bring Out the Jotun in Loki, and Once He Succeeded
After the events of the movie, the brothers re-unite on Earth and Thor realises that he never got to see Loki’s Jotun form. Something has to be done, of course!
Grandma Bestla’s Coming To Town
Sing to the tune of “Santa Clause Is Coming To Town”; add some old Norse sibling rivalry; stir well. Grandma Bestla’s come to visit, and now she’s Thor and Loki’s problem.
Happy Thrymsday!
Post-movie. The Aesir have an annual role reversal carnival that involves crossdressing and just because Loki and Thor can’t be home for it, doesn’t mean they’re not going to celebrate!
Like Father-King, Like Wannabe-Dictator-Son
In which Loki and Odin totally agree about this whole invasion thing and Thor is the poor bewildered straight man.
Mating Rituals
Every time Loki tries to say “Will you marry me?” he instead says “I want to bear your children”. // Loki x Jane
Shipper Wives (Like Sister Wives, But the Fun and Profit Goes Elsewhere)
Sigyn and Nanna discover fanfiction. Specifically, Loki/Balder fanfiction. Said Loki and Balder are not amused.
The Way to a Man’s Stomach
Sigyn goes on a quest for something that will cure Loki’s pre-coronation blues. She returns post-coronation, only to find him knee deep in villainy! New quest: bring the tasty cure she found to Loki, come hell or high-strung Avengers. // Loki x Sigyn
Villains for Minion Reform and Equality of the Enslaved
It starts with that simplest act of villainy: tax fraud. // Loki x Sigyn

Multichapters / Series

Darcy’s Dastardly Dates
Loki takes Darcy hostage and proves to be an excellent holiday date. (Also, alliteration!)
Christmas Crashing
Nobody invites Loki to their Christmas dinners. So Loki invites himself to Darcy’s. // 1480 words
Villainous Valentine
Loki is a bit annoyed with mortal holidays, until Darcy shows him an alternate way of celebrating them: the cosplayer’s way. // 2087 words

Chapter I
Chapter II
Jane Foster is stuck in a jar, three inches tall and wearing a dress made of flower petals. It’s Loki’s fault, of course. But two can play that game.

The Jotun or the Egg (WORK IN PROGRESS)
Chapter One: Things that go Bump in the Morning
Chapter Two: Go Go Goddess of Loyalty!
Chapter Three: Thor is the Anti-Angst
Chapter Four: Fun with Aliens
Chapter Five: Jane is Crazy Smart
Chapter Six: ...
Chapter Seven: Flashbacks (Make For Easy Chapter Titles)
(posts will be set to "Private" until such time as I've finished the fic and done some rigorous editing for internal consistency and spelling and lots more. for the rough in-progress version, go here)
Frost giants come from eggs. Loki and Sigyn would’ve liked to have known that a little bit sooner. // Loki x Sigyn, Jane x Thor, ensemble

The Worst Laid Plans
Tongue-In-Cheek Fandral Bonus
Things That Were Put On A Bus Bonus
Dead Serious I’m-Not-Even-Kidding Design Bonus
Weird Worldbuilding Bonus
Epilogue: Vitally Important Jane Foster Bonus
“Did you think I would not know your voice from any throat? My own boy?” // “I had meant only to deceive the elves while I got the mortal and myself to safety, but... well, opportunity arose, so I improvised.” // TDW fix-it fic. Retconning Odin’s A+ Parenting and Frigga’s fate because I don’t want to live with a headcanon wherein those things exist, as well as a few other minor quibbles because I saw an opportunity to have fun while doing it.

Doctor Strange

I'll Be Home
It didn’t take an impending death in the sorcerer community to make him realize it, but it did painfully drive the point home: he loved her, and he didn’t even know her name. // Mordo x Ancient One

Avengers / Multi

Double Dog Date
Loki returns and commits his most nefarious act of villainy yet: he... turns the Avengers into animals? Not the team's usual fare, but okay, they can roll with that. Jane looks after Thor the alien monster dog while she searches for a way to turn the Avengers back to normal. Bucky, still on the run, can't seem to shake Steve the labrador and his attempts at rekindling their friendship no matter how hard he tries. And along the way, the two so-called 'dog owners' take a shine to each other. // Bucky x Jane
Forbidden Fruit
Nobody is trying to poison anyone. Probably. // Natasha x T'Challa
Happy Birthday To We
Bucky Barnes forgot his own birthday. That’s okay. Jane Foster forgot it was hers too. // Bucky x Jane
Little Tasha
Natasha is turned into a child and the Avengers don’t know what to do with her. Enter Loki, who always wanted another little girl, and is the best babysitter ever.
Bucky still can’t walk unsupported when they finally bring Jane back in, but that doesn’t stop him from meeting the rescue party at the door.
The Q Word
Frigga does not approve of Loki’s language and makes him apologize to Natasha for his Shakespearean insults.

Multichapters / Series

Pay It Forward
Bucky tries to do nice things for his friends. They're so busy doing the same for him it's almost impossible to succeed.
Hugs, good food, and better company. Because after The Winter Soldier, everyone in this room deserves nice things.
Riviera Life
Sam and Steve have been traversing Europe looking for Bucky. Not everyone is convinced it isn’t an open invitation road trip.
Fly on the Wings of Love
     Chapter: The Wings
Bucky just wants to show his appreciation for everything Sam has done for Steve. Of course, Tony Stark’s middle name is ‘needlessly difficult’.
     Chapter: The Love
Bucky tries to set Natasha up with Sam. He’s a bit late for that party, but he managed to find Steve’s shield and replace Sam’s wings: he’ll come up with something for her.

Agents of SHIELD

Halt and Set Hydra On Fire
Grant Ward is sent to the Grid to plant Hydra’s - and more importantly, John Garrett’s - flag. The software that brought him there has different ideas. // crossover with Tron