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Fanfiction Masterlist - Other Fandoms


Despair’s Temperature
Tsukasa could still feel the cold and the warmth. // Of grunties and kitties. Tsukasa’s thoughts after the events in episode 9, ‘Epitaph’. // 537 words
Waking Up
Tsukasa; a shower; An. // 120 words

Avatar: the Last Airbender

50 Sentences - Jet x Katara
Fifty sentences centered around the Jetara pairing. No particular continuity intended.
Drabbles themed “A Shower”, for AtLA
What it says on the tin. 120 words each.
1) Prologue
2) Azulabending - Ty Lee x Azula
3) Spabending - Zuko x Mai
4) Prisonbending - Azula x Suki
5) AUbending - Toph x Zuko
6) Tophbending - Toph pwns All
7) Treetopbending - Jet x Katara
8) Basementbending - Jet x Katara
9) Babybending - Ursa x Hakoda
Earth King Tranquillizer
Just how did Long Feng keep the Earth King pacified for all those years?
Grave Robber
In a way, everything Zuko did was because of Lu Ten.
Healing Touch
AU twist to ‘Lake Laogai’. Katara insists on staying behind in the dungeons to heal Jet. The situation looks hopeless, but Katara may have one last trick up her sleeve... // Jetara, LEMON.
Lessons of an Usurper
Ursa was a mother more so than she was a wife.
Ribbons in Her Hair
Mai gets married and flips her mother the bird. A thinly veiled character study.
A small AU Zuko/Azula siblingry ficlet set during the finale. Even her last breath he can’t believe.
The Melancholy of Mai
Mai and Suki love their boyfriends lots, but there’s no denying that they’re just two big idiots sometimes.

Being Human

The Only Sane One
(She just hasn’t discovered her own inner nerd jet.) // 100 words, Nina & Annie
Wolf Whistle
It wasn’t called a curse for nothing. Sometimes it was dangerous, sometimes excruciatingly painful. And sometimes just plain embarassing. // 100 words, Nina


Desert, Dessert
Two very different things. Do not mix. // 120 word shower drabble, Canaan x Maria
Life as a Dark Room
There won’t be an article, but Maria’s exhibition tells a story of its own. // Canaan x Maria
When cat’s cradle is a game for two. // 100 words, Canaan x Maria

Clamp School Defenders Duklyon

In Space, No-One Can Hear You *BEEP*
Worst. Honeymoon. Ever. But the sex made up for everything. // Eri x Sukibayashi, MY-EYES-ARE-BLEEDING!LEMON

Code Geass

Déjà Vu
Lelouch learns why it bothers people to be naked in front of unexpected visitors. // Lelouch & Kallen, 120 words
How Not to Kidnap a Vice Foreign Minister - chapter 2 - After Lunch
When you get kidnapped about three times a day, it tends to get boring. Repetitive, you know? But some incidents still stand out... // crossover with, Ch 1: Pokémon, Ch 2: Code Geass, Ch 3: Ranma ½ // 4502 words
Loyal Service
Euphemia has many strong beliefs, including some about loyalty... // Euphemia x Suzaku, 120 words

Darker than BLACK

A Moment of Sympathy
She could spare some of her own precious time for those doomed to die. // Amber x November 11, set during ‘City Under Crackdown, Moist With Tears...’
All That Glitters
Everybody has their looting moments, right? ...right? // Hei, 824 words
And Many Happy Returns
There was a time when he looked more like an old pervert with every year they spent together. // Amber x Hei, 1568 words
Beyond the Blue Event Horizon
The choices they made apart had united them: now chance has done the same. // Misaki x Hei
Black, White, and Green with Envy
Hei-Pai siblingry in South America. Affection is easy, acceptance is not.
It’s not paranoia when they’re really out to get you, and seduction definitely falls under ‘out to get you’. // Amber x Hei, 374 words
Burnt Offerings
November 11 has a better reason than most to smoke after sex. Misaki contemplates her own reasons for not immediately kicking him out of bed for it.
Careful What You Wish For
A magical girl going only by ‘Amber’ saves Li Xing from a Witch. The human race is never the same afterwards. // a Puella Magi Madoka Magica fusion // Pai & Amber & Kyubey & Hei, 2109 words
Carve Something Out
Hei would do anything to protect his sister and he doesn’t care if anybody else understands that. (That’s a lie. He wishes, more than anything, that Pai herself could to understand.) // Hei & Pai & bad guy OCs, RAPE, 2352 words
Hate You Kiss You Love You Kill You
Somebody may die before he makes up his mind. // Amber x Hei
If Dreams Were Wishes and Wishes Were Stars
Hei’s world would look something like this. // fix-it fic, Hei x Amber & Pai & Yin & Misaki
Less Heavenly
Sometimes it’s a beacon in the dark, sometimes a wisp leading you astray. Sometimes a light is just a light. // Amber x Hei, 841 words
Lilith the Morning Star
You’re too late, she tells the snake that slithers out from the foilage above. I figured it out without you. And this man is already mine. // Amber x Hei, LIME
Living the Dream
Pai spent five years as a disembodied superpower dispenser. It’s about time she got to let herself go a little. // Hei & Pai, 1096 words
November Rocks
While watching out for a long-awaited, victim-shaped promotion, April drinks and November 11 complains and compares himself to James Bond.
Off, Aside, Under the Rug
It’s like trying to stopper a needle’s puncture to fix the great gaping hole beside it, but what else can he do? // Hei & Pai, 368 words
Or Worse
“You’re lucky to have him. Do you realise that, Pai?” Pai wakes up in her brother’s arms. // Hei & Pai siblingry in South America, with a bit of Amber x Hei // 986 words
Privacy Need Not Apply
Hei and Pai spent their entire puberty joined at the hip, bunking together, or both. Something had to give eventually. // Amber x Hei & Pai
‘Reasonable’ Doesn’t Look Like A Word Anymore
Turns out even calm, tractable boyfriends aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Is nothing sacred? // Hei x Misaki, 768 words
Sexy Trope Drabbles
What it says on the tin. 100 words apiece. Amber x Hei all the way, with the occasional Pai cameo and one instance of Misaki. // LIME
Shiny, Sparkly Things
He makes her feel like a greedy little magpie. // Amber x Hei
Straight Across
If he had hurt her more, would she have shown something, anything more satisfying than momentary surprise? // Hei & Amber, 543 words
The First Rule of Amber
It doesn’t make sense. It won’t make sense until it’s too late – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be good in the meantime. // Amber x Hei, 1500 words
The Floor is Lava
The Gates take the silly things human beings do way too literally. // Amber x Hei, 489 words
The Honeymoon Suite
Once she recovered from the birth, she was introduced to her next donor. Time and time and time again. // Amber x Hei, 1120 words
The Human’s New ’Do
Sadly, Hei does not have the power of invisibility. // Hei & Pai & Amber, 397 words
The Sun Leaves Traces
Very distinctive traces, in fact. Amber denies any and all involvement.
Walking on Sonova-
War was supposed to be hell, not this kind of humiliation! // Hei & Pai, 679 words
Wandering Star
It’s enough to carry her through. // Amber (x Hei & Pai), between South America and Tokyo // 291 words
Wen Wo Ba
Hei has nothing better to do than watch the stars. Amber has nothing better to do than show off her newfound linguistic skills.
White One
“You’re in luck, Ladybird.” the slimy voice said. “Girls this age are in high demand. I wouldn’t have been able to get you a little beauty like her for this amount if she wasn’t blind.” // crossover with Gundam Wing // 770 words

Multichapters / Series

Accommodations Upgrades
Pai lives! And she’s not stuck in the quantum limbo of Hei’s subconscious anymore. Party at the Li siblings’ place!
   Living the Dream
Pai spent five years as a disembodied superpower dispenser. It’s about time she got to let herself go a little. // Hei & Pai, 1096 words
   A Whole New World
Pai having her own body again means experiencing her own hormones again too. It’s awesome. // Hei & Pai, 1324 words

A collection of Darker than Black daemon AU snippets. // a His Dark Materials fusion
   Hei & Misaki, ‘God Is In His Heaven’
Li’s daemon is... maybe a little too appropriate.

Work Ethic
a.k.a. "that other DTB Office AU". :)
Three years after the Tokyo-Explosion-that-wasn't, Hei returns to Japan, where Misaki promptly arrests him - and recruits him to Section Four as their first openly acknowledged Contractor police officer. These are their stories. *DUN DUN*
Loosely inspired by the Office AU first thought up and written about by darkerthanevanescence, starrycontractor (here, here, and here), major-victory here and here), lolgirl607 (here and here), and tsuki-llama, who are all awesome and let me play in their sandbox.
Jet Black Flower, Origins/Gaiden and Gemini of the Meteor never happened in this 'verse and never will, though I might repurpose one or two things I liked from them.
   The Milk of Human Kindness
The Public Safety Bureau has hired a Contractor, and Tokyo is less than pleased. Luckily, Hei was Li Shengshun before he was Officer Li of Section Four, and Li Shengshun was never as friendless as Hei considered himself to be. // 5510 words
   Debts Are Like Children
‘The smaller they are, the more noise they make.’ When Hei learned that saying from a Peruvian mercenary back in the war, he hadn’t expected the noisy party to ever be the person who owed him money, though.
   Many Hands Make Light Work
From a certain point of view, Hei is just a walking, talking phone charger with an appetite. His coworkers at Section Four notice. Hei almost wishes they didn’t. Almost.
   From the Mouths of Babes
Contractors either make the best or the worst babysitters in the world. The jury's still out.
He does not have hay fever. No way. Absolutely not. Never. // 855 words

Death Gate Cycle (Weis & Hickman)

Drabbles themed “A Shower”, for DGC
What it says on the tin. 120 words each.
1) Prologue
2) Captivated - Paithan x Rega
3) Keeping Watch - Haplo x Marit
4) Ask The Rain - Jarre x Limbeck
5) Lyke-Wake - Iridal x Sinistrad
6) Hopeless Dreams - Alake x Haplo
7) Metamorphosis - Sabia x Devon
8) In Abri - Alfred x Anna, Alfred x Orla
9) Something To Compare - Aleatha x Rega
Geg means Insect
Haplo would have never thought he could be so disgusted about anything other than a living, breathing Sartan. // Haplo’s introspection about the Gegs

Multichapters / Series

Dogs, Men, and Alfredball
   Of Dogs and Men
Haplo is training his new real dog. But they both just can’t seem to get the hang of it.
Why did Haplo call it Alfredball when there’s no ball involved?

Ender’s Game series (Orson Scott Card)

Baiting Aiúas
Wang-mu thinks she has found a way to give Peter a soul. But he has trouble accepting it. Can be read as either a missing scene or an AU. // Si Wang-mu x NeoPeter, Enderverse, set after chapter four of ‘Children of the Mind’.

Fate / Stay Night

Nearly Beloved
It isn’t that she doesn’t love him. // post-canon Rin x Shirou & Rin x Archer.

Final Fantasy X

They Called Them Spirit Bells
“People hang them over their doors, believing that they’ll ring when the fiend is near.” // Tidus x Yuna

Four Brothers

Jack tries to get Bobby to stop calling him ‘fairy’. Their mother, Jerry and Angel think it’s hilarious, but Bobby is deeply disturbed.
Make Haste
Evelyn wants to take a shower. Wants it so bad. // 120 words

G Gundam

Traces of the Trace System
The Trace System: easy to get on, not so easy to get off... // 120 words

Gundam 00

A Schoolgirl’s Afternoon
Feldt comes home from school to find... a schoolgirl? // Allelujah x Feldt LEMON
By God’s Will
Why did God have to torment her so? Had she not faithfully carried out the duties He burdened her with, fullfilled the role He had assigned her, given Him her past and future, her mind? Can He not spare her body and heart to give to another? // Shirin x Alejandro LIME
It was because of the child. He didn’t need the GN particles to see that. It was because she was so far along now that they couldn’t hide it anymore, because last week they were forced to admit it and receive the others’ blessings and congratulations and happiness. It was because neither of them could genuinely look forward to it. // Setsuna x Feldt LIME
Princess Marina would be queen some day. Trapped in the cage of his hands, Alejandro Corner would determine how she would emerge when that day came. // Marina x Alejandro LIME
Dubcon Drabbles
What it says on the tin. 100 words apiece.
1) Shirin Knows Best - Marina x Shirin
2) Christina Knows Best - Christina x Sumeragi
3) No Coincidences - Liu Mei x Shirin
4) Numb - Regene x Louise
5) Just Being Nice - Feldt x Tieria x Lockon
6) Stranger - ‘Doublelujah’ x Sumeragi
7) Blind and Deaf - Billy x Sumeragi
8) Come Back - Soma x Allelujah
9) The Enemy’s Unexpected Skills - Kati x Sumeragi
10) Going to Hell Anyway - Lockon x Feldt
11) ‘Passion for Crime’ - Soma x Feldt
12) Toxic Taste - Hallelujah x Sumeragi
13) Our Jagged Trail - Sumeragi x Hallelujah/Allelujah/‘Doublelujah’
14) Stratos - Lyle x Feldt
15) Second Opinion - Lyle x Anew (x Ribbons)
Fallen Angels
In the end, there is chaos. // AU take on the timeskip, Setsuna x Feldt
Drunk Lockon doesn’t know what he’s doing, but neither does sober Feldt. // Lockon x Feldt LEMON
Feldt’s Epic Journey
Through trial and error, a teenage wallflower on a spaceship full of wanted terrorists discovers her sexuality. // Feldt solo LEMON
Girl’s Play
Lockon had been wondering why Feldt was so obsessed with his Haro, but he hadn’t expected this.
Greased Lightning
“Quiet, someone might walk in on us.” // Christina x Lichty LEMON
Sumeragi gets stuck in the Ptolemaios’s padded room with Meister Haptism... just not the one she came looking for. Not a sound passes through these walls, but is her heart as immune to Hallelujah’s mind games? // Sumeragi x Hallelujah LEMON
He’s a Pirate!
Trust Lockon Stratos to turn losing the use of his eye for an indifinite amount of time into an opportunity to play games that were bound to dissolve in kinky sex sooner or later. // Lockon x Sumeragi LEMON
Into Bloom
Shirin behaved remarkably like Marina’s old nanny. But Marina was older now, Shirin was by no means a grandmother, and even the simplest of touches was no longer innocent. // Shirin x Marina LIME
It Goes Around
AU. Instead of being angry and slapping him after that kiss, she... jumps him right then and there in the hangar. Oops. // Lyle x Feldt LEMON
Never Gonna Let You Down
Captured by the HRL, Feldt is injected with a malicious aphrodesiac. Lockon manages to get them away from the enemy’s soldiers, but there’s no escaping the toxin in Feldt’s blood... // Lockon x Feldt LEMON
The Problem with Autonomous Alter-Egos
Hallelujah comes out at the worst possible moment.
Through the Windowpanes
She imagined that by now, steam was rising from his heated body, and that the fogging of the window wasn’t just because of her panting breaths. // (H)Allelujah x Sumeragi LEMON
“You know who this face belongs to, don’t you?” he whispers, his mouth hidden by black metal. “It is the face of a demon,” she answers, and allows him to corrupt her, devour her. // Graham x Marina LIME
Writing on the Wall
Allelujah didn’t want to know. Hallelujah pounced on the opportunity – literally. // Tieria x Allelujah LEMON

Multichapters / Series

Rumbling Double Relationship Trouble
   Don’t be a Stranger
Waking up in a remote mountain lodge next to Allelujah’s horny alter-ego. Marie’s day just got very interesting. // Hallelujah x Marie LEMON
   Pants-Wearing for Featherweights
If Hallelujah was going to stick around, someone was going to have to show him who was boss. // Marie x Hallelujah, LEMON

Gundam - Universal Century: Gundam Thunderbolt

Play On, Piano Man
Sometimes he misses his hands so much he really does feel like he threw away his humanity when he gave up his healthy hand. But there are good days, too. // Daryl x Karla LEMON

Gundam - Universal Century: Zeta Gundam

Stuck With Mr Wong
Camille Bidan vs Wong Lee, round who-the-hell-knows. // 120 words

Gundam - Universal Century: Gundam ZZ

Wherever (Do) I Lay My Head
Puru Two wakes up in Nahel Argama’s sickbay. This confuses her mightily. Good thing Elle has an answer to everything.

Gundam - Universal Century: Char’s Counterattack

Choices in the Sky
One way or the other, it would all be over soon. // Mirai contemplates matters while on the road with Cheimin, trying to flee Hong Kong.

Gundam - Universal Century: Gundam Unicorn

The Gift of Life
“Marie Twelve.”
Oh no, not that, he clearly hates that.
“Marie Two,” then?
// Marida & Zinnerman

Hard Times (Charles Dickens)

Flee into Fancy
In the night there is something secret. // Sissy x Louisa

Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling)

Aberforth’s Revenge
Aberforth Dumbledore is sick and tired of looking up at his brother Albus’s huge magic castle through the dirty windows of the Hog’s Head, and decides it is time for a change around Hogsmeade. Bring out the goats!
A Danger Of Her Own
He told her he was poor. She didn’t care. He told her he was old. She’d proven him wrong. He told her he was dangerous. Well, so was she. // RLxNT
A Fluffy Little Bunny By Any Other Name
Tonks succeeded in brewing the Wolfsbane Potion and now has every intention of getting to inspect the results of her handiwork. // RLxNT // 1297 words
Drabbles themed “A Shower”, for HP
What it says on the tin. 120 words each.
1) Prologue
2) Dilemma - Hermione x Ginny
3) Prefects’... Showers? - Ron x Hermione
4) Phases - James x Lily
5) Going Crazy - Sirius x Nobody
6) Definitely Going Crazy - Sirius x Nobody
7) The Tenderness Of A Cliché - Harry x Ginny
8) Cold And Wounded - Remus x Tonks
9) Once A Marauder... - Remus x Tonks
For Fear the Squirrels Know
Luna comes to visit Ginny the day after her brothers have left for Hogwarts. // cutesy kiddy gen // 892 words
Midnight Inanity
Ginny and Hermione sneak down for a midnight snack at Grimmauld Place and accidentally overhear a conversation between Moony and Padfoot. They find out that the Marauders are still very much alive in those two...
Musings of a Cat-Kneazle Halfbreed
Crookshanks POV. Musings on his Hermione, pygmy puffs and Ginny, Mrs. Norris and Filch, feline hierarchy, dogs and servants.
This is how it happened...
HBP, filling in the gaps post-infirmary. One of the more humorous possible ways for Remus and Tonks to have finally gotten together: with a little help from Peeves...

Multichapters / Series

Halloween Mayhem
   Chapter One; Take Your Positions!
   Chapter Two; And Lose Them Again...
   Chapter Three; Regroup ASAP
   Chapter Four; This Is Called A Collision
   Chapter Five; I Did Warn You Guys - That Hurts
   Chapter Six; We’ll Be Playing Blind Today
   Chapter Seven; Bet You Didn’t See That Coming
   Chapter Eight; Somebody Tell Me I’m Dreaming
   Chapter Nine; Please Play Nicely
   Chapter Ten; Surprise, Surprise
Remus goes for the girl and involuntarily causes wide-spread chaos. He’s not pleased. Neither are his friends. Tempers flare, and flare... Will there be a last one to laugh? // written for the 2006 Halloween Fanfic Exchange


Your Id Is Watching You
Shared dreaming is a very serious thing for someone in Relena’s position. Except for when you have a day off and a dirty mind. // crossover with Gundam Wing, 1xR LEMON

Inheritance Cycle (Christopher Paolini)

Freedom is in the Mind
If illusion is the only freedom he has left, he will hoard it while he can. // Murtagh, 100 words, set midway through the second book
Apparently “kinky” is in the Alagaësian vocabulary. Who knew. // NasMur fluff

Lord of the Rings (J.R.R. Tolkien)

Éowyn’s Cheer, Aragorn’s Bane, Gandalf’s Fault
They’re off to Helm’s Deep. Éowyn is cheery, Aragorn is liable to be torn to shreds, Gandalf is conveniently absent, and Éomer and Merry somehow ended up among the lot of them. // crack

Cassandra Clare - The Infernal Devices

The Institute turns her sick with mourning. // Jessamine // 100 words
Try To See The Bright Side
Too faint a tune, too ungrateful a friend. If he were to die, he would die better than he deserves. // Jem // 100 words

Cassandra Clare - The Mortal Instruments

Clean Slate
He had to learn to start seeing things as gifts. // Clary x Jace, 100 words
Han Who?
Valentine is to blame for at least half of their kinks. // Clary x Jace, 100 words


Drabbles themed “A Shower”, for My-HiME
What it says on the tin. 120 words each.
1) Prologue
2) Mikoto. ’Nuff Said. - Mikoto x Mai
3) Control!! - Takeda x Natsuki
4) Tea-Instincts - Shizuru x Natsuki
5) Bubbles - Alyssa & Miyu
6) Gotcha! ...Or Not - Akira x Takumi
7) Weaknesses - Yukino x Haruka
8) Indecision - Tate x Mai, Tate x Shiho
9) The End And Beginning Of Gossip - Chie x Aoi


Drabbles themed “A Shower”, for My-Otome
What it says on the tin. 120 words each.
1) Prologue
2) Hindsight Is Steamy - Nina x Sergay
3) The Real Princess - Chie x Aoi
4) Pondering The Unponderable - Tomoe x Shizuru
5) Aftereffects - Shizuru x Natsuki
6) Cat Of Many Colours - Mai & Mikoto
7) Big Sister Is Watching You - Akane x Kazuya... and Mahya Blythe
8) Excess And Indulgence - Arika x Mashiro
9) Stunted - Midori x Yohko

Neo Angelique ~Abyss~

50 Sentences - Roche x Angelique
Fifty sentences centered around the Roche x Angelique pairing. No particular continuity intended, written mostly before ‘Second Age’, so many AU scenarios.

Once Upon A Time

One More For The Road
It’s not like their baby will draw a crowd like this, after all. // Jefferson x Priscilla, 120 words
The Fix-It Faucet
Endless hot water and a showerhead with a massage setting. Quite an ending to a day that started with so much running, portal-jumping, magical explosion dodging, and escaping a deadly time loop. // Jefferson x Priscilla & Grace, 120 words


Never leave Misty!
He left Misty! HE LEFT MISTY!! How Ash could have ever been so stupid, even he himself did not know. But Ash Ketchum has finally learned. Yes, LEARNED. All by himself, with little to no help from a frying pan to the head. He’s going back to her! // AAML // 1611 words
How Not to Kidnap a Vice Foreign Minister - chapter 1 - Before Breakfast
When you get kidnapped about three times a day, it tends to get boring. Repetitive, you know? But some incidents still stand out... // crossover with, Ch 1: Pokémon, Ch 2: Code Geass, Ch 3: Ranma ½ // 4502 words


An Image of Rain
He’ll always find his way back to her. // Sasame x Takako // 670 words
Leafé Knights protect their Princess, no matter the cost. // Sasame x Takako & Goh // 1,555 words
Drabbles themed “A Shower”, for Prétear
What it says on the tin. 120 words each.
1) Prologue
2) Better Than A Hairdryer - Himeno x Hayate
3) Stereotype, And Loving It - Sasame x Takako
4) Mayune’s Last Try - Mayune x Kei
5) H stands for Goh! - Goh x Mawata
6) C stands for Mannen! - Mannen x Mawata
7) Hajime Wouldn’t Work With Me
8) The Trials of Journalism - Yayoi
9) Stowaway - Sasame x Himeno?
Good Again
After the destruction of the Great Tree, Mannen, Hajime and Shin want to make sure Sasame is really a good guy again. // 2,091 words
First comes love, then comes marriage... then a honeymoon full of fluff and a husband with far too sharp ears.
Preventer Prétear
Meeting the new Prétear, Sally Po, Sasame sees the light about the people chosen to save the day. // crossover with Gundam Wing, 5xS
Remember to Dream
It’s dreams that bring comfort in dark times, it’s dreams that tie people’s hearts to each other when they’re on opposite sides... Himeno, Takako, and Sasame, greatest foes and saving graces, all in one. // 2,076 words
“Say ahh...”
Sasame cooks. His specialty? Noodles and silent pining. // Sasame x Takako
Should have, Shouldn’t have
Set somewhere between episode 10 and 11 of the anime. Feelings of guilt and blame threaten to break the remaining Knights apart now that their ‘heart’ has been ripped from their midst. // 1,191 words
Surprises Great and Small
It takes quite a bit of courage to go into Himeno and the kids’ plans blindly. // Sasame x Takako // 1,493 words
The Sound of Waves
What's worse than a running nose, sore throat, plugged ears, the whole shebang? Getting it as the Knight of Sound.
The White Snow of Miracles
Evil has been defeated, but there’s no happily ever after yet. Hayate and Sasame were best friends. They thought they knew each other. But they aren’t so sure anymore... So they have a talk to right the last wrongs.

Ranma ½

Hibiki Heero
“I’ve been lost since the day I was born.” Aw, poor emotionally confused chibi!Heero. Right? Well, maybe not... // crossover with Gundam Wing
How Not to Kidnap a Vice Foreign Minister - chapter 3 - During Dinner
When you get kidnapped about three times a day, it tends to get boring. Repetitive, you know? But some incidents still stand out... // crossover with, Ch 1: Pokémon, Ch 2: Code Geass, Ch 3: Ranma ½ // 4502 words


Darkon and the Common Cold
If you can’t beat them, cheat them. A very silly way to beat Darkon; with a cold virus.
Darkon and the Parrot
If you can’t beat them, cheat them. A very silly way to beat Darkon: with a parrot.
Drabbles themed “A Shower”, for TkMn
What it says on the tin. 120 words each.
1) Prologue
2) Timing - Star x Blade
3) Singing In The Rain - Balzac & Marlow
4) Cleansed - Balzac x Rachel
5) Pelting Down - Miles x Angela
6) When Maggie Met Rebin
7) Sisters, Or Not Quite - Gloria x Tina
8) Sibling Rivalry - Nick / Cain x OFC Nr. 0483
9) The Pool - Ringo x Sophie

Tekkaman Blade II

Drabbles themed “A Shower”, for TBII
What it says on the tin. 120 words each.
1) Prologue
2) Blood - Aki x D-Boy
3) Clearly Very Different - Dead End x David
4) Now Or Never - Hayato x Yumi
5) Erase - David x OFC, non-David x Aki
6) Forgotten Warrior’s Melodrama - Goliate x Anita
7) Space Knight Stupidity - Misc Pairings
8) Double-Blind - David x Yumi
9) Remembrance - D-Boy, or rather: Blade


A Traveller From An Antique Land
There was only the essence of chaos left where Arjia used to be, the trunkless legs of stone of a people who had never gotten the chance to be great. // Quorra x Jordan
Club Spies
Rebels and revolutionaries and double agents, oh my. // Mara x Gem, LEMON
Didn’t Get Fired Today
The prodigal Flynn staged a corporate coup, but they kept their jobs. That’s worth a few drinks. (And rounds of sex.) // ARG fic, whoo! Junior x Celia
Hey, even the seniors get it on in the copy room sometimes. // Roy x Willa. ARG-fic! Whoo!
Halt and Set Hydra On Fire
Grant Ward is sent to the Grid to plant Hydra’s - and more importantly, John Garrett’s - flag. The software that brought him there has different ideas. // crossover with Agents of SHIELD, Ward & Yori & a program written by Peggy Carter
Have You Met the Vernes?
Quorra has chosen a last name, but that’s about the extent of her acclimatization.
Quorra is the last of the ISOs, and as such, the Grid is rightfully hers. // AU, darkfic
Lora in Laserland
Lora thought the potential applications of digitization were what made her research groundbreaking. Then the software went and staged a rescue mission.
Moving Out
Dillinger Systems is hot on their tails, and Sam and Yori have run out of options.
Picture Drabbles I
1: Beck crumpled at Tron’s feet. 2: Roy’s sad little smile. 3: Glowing fiber optics bedding. 4: A young Bruce Boxleitner with his dog. 5: Quorra, stuck in the family reunion of aaawkward.
Picture Drabbles II
6: Tron’s hands, one disc held in each. 7: Bostrumite!Quorra and rectified!Sam. 8: Dillinger at his too sentient desk. 9: Tron Files about Radia, Arjia City, and Arjians 10: A satellite image of cities in Abraxas-yellow.
Picture Drabbles III
11: Sam finding the keys still in the door to Flynn’s basement lab. 12: “WHAT!! DO!! TEENS!! LIKE!!!” 13: A very very visible computer failure. 14: A rain-soaked Bit on your doorstep. 15: Bit lost in Ikea.
Prompt Drabbles I
1: Tron and Alan and two distressing balls of fluff. 2: Dillinger Senior and Junior have a run-in with the Westermarck Effect. 3: Kevin Flynn and the view from our side of the screen. 4: Rinzler helps Lora do the dishes. 5: Their legacy to Zed was another 990 cycles under the Occupation. Alone.
Prompt Drabbles II
6: Jarvis gets a Clu-hug amidst rampant voxel damage. 7: Don’t touch strange code, Alan. That isn’t the program you wrote anymore. 8: Zed, having all of the crushes and admitting none of the defeat. 9: Just wait until Sam maxes out on the purple drinks, guys. 10: He touched the strange code. Now look what happened. Follow-up to #7.
Prompt Drabbles III
11: Yet more about Zed’s crushes. 12: If Tron knew what ghosts are, Sam would be one to him. 13: It’s been a while since Flynn cooked anything other than code. 14: All hope is not lost for Beck and Paige. (AU end to “Rendezvous”.) 15: Radia nurtures in Quorra a fire that she knows, once kindled, will never be snuffed.
Neither Dillinger nor Mackey liked to see their company buildings defaced with ‘witty’ pamphlets. Sucks to be them. Or: some of the best friends Roy ever made were vandals who wouldn’t call him by his real name.
Ram and the Start of a Very Good, Not-At-All-Bad Day
Because who says that river in Egypt doesn’t run through the digital world too?
There was a figure stood by the coffee maker, dark and blurry – from the brightness of the morning light, the aftereffects of sleep, the absence of her glasses – but as familiar as her own heartbeat. Smiling, Lora let her eyes slide closed and her weight sag against his side, and he caught her like something from a dream.
She never wanted to wake up. // Lora x Rinzler
Storming the Firewall
Yori’s gone viral. Predictably, Flynn is to blame.
The Butler and the Firewall
“I knew a program called Jarvis once.”
“A friend of yours, sir?”
“He was a back-stabbing, boot-licking, unprincipled data-pusher who abandoned his User and got exactly what was coming to him,” Tron said.
“I’m sorry, sir. I hope you won’t hold the memory of this person against me,” J.A.R.V.I.S. said.
LoraB heaved a weary sigh. “Tron, honey, we talked about this. ‘Tact’, remember?”
// crossover with Iron Man, Tron & J.A.R.V.I.S. & Lora & Tony
D̨͘oǹ̵’̛́t̀ ̵̕͝f͢͝҉i̵̕g͢͜h͟t ͡it̡͟͠,͡͡B̴a͏̨s̨͜i̢c̢͝.̨ ́I҉͡͡’m҉ ̛g̴̢i̵̛v̢in̨͜ģ̷͘ ͏͏y҉̵̧óu͞ ̨͢a ̛g̵͢i͡ft͠҉!̶̛ ̧͝Ýǫ͘҉ur ҉͢͠s͢te̴͘͢r͘iĺ̴é ̕c͢o͝de̷͟ ̷͡͡w̸̛͡i̕͢l҉l̶ ̢̧b̸҉̛ec̢o͠͝m̴͘è͡͝ ̢s̨͜ome̷͢t̀ḩ̴͠in̶g̵ ͠b͏eţ̷͠t͟͢e̶͘̕r ̕͢–͡ ́̕s̕ò̡met̸hi̵̡̧n͟͡g̵̸͘ ̶r͘̕͠e̕a̡͟l̶.̀ // Paige & Radia (highlight to read)

Multichapters / Series

Laser Control (WORK IN PROGRESS)
   01 - Digitized
   02 - Blackout
   03 - Coup
   04 – Vigil
   05 – Seperate Ways
Digitization: one part magic, three parts hard work by Yori and the rest of the laser control crew. Resistance: the only thinkable course of action when red once again swarms the system and takes Tron away from her.

Voltron: Legendary Defender

Access Denied
Shiro tries to talk to the Black Lion one last time. That shouldn’t be too hard, should it? // 833 words
Piece By Forgotten Piece
His mind draws blanks and scribbles hallucinations along the edges. The healing pod says he’s fine while his head pounds to the rhythm of he’s not. He feels further from the truth than ever before. // 120 words
The Opposite of a Furry Little Problem
Shiro isn’t Shiro, he says. Shiro isn’t safe, he says. The space mice will decide that for themselves, thankyouverymuch. // 1412 words

Whip It

Be Your Own Cave of Wonders
Bliss and Pash, kinda horny and hella giggly.

Witch Hunter Robin

Power like the Sun
He loved her like this, looking so frail and helpless as she writhed beneath him. // dark-ish Amon x Robin // 607 words