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Gundam Wing Fic

A Classic Case
Hilde Schbeiker did not take many things lying down. Celebrity crushes least of all. // bisexual Hilde, 2xH and HxR // 2041 words
A Miscellany There
"Where have you been?"
Heero is sent out into the big wide world to explore his inner self... through modern art. Yeah, right.
All's Fair
Years of political intrigue could not corrupt Relena Darlian’s mind, but now, without warning, it has finally happened. Face to face with the consequences, her best friend is left with one burning question: "In the name of all that is holy, WHY?!"
All the King's Men
Late at night, a young Princess roams amidst the old ruins of her new Kingdom, looking for the future.
Bad Habits
Hilde has a habit of leaving her discarded clothing lying around. Duo doesn’t mind. At least, until...
Banana Banana
Just another day for two wanted terrorists hiding in dad’s tropical paradise resort.
Barton, Bloom, Khushrenada: The Missing Link
ALTERNATIVE PAIRING SEASON! Lo’ and behold, the wonders of Treize Khushrenada and Catherine Bloom romance! Poor Trowa, though. "Do you realise that if we want the kid’s pedigree to make any sense, I’ll have to change my name again?"
Blue Trees
Relena is kidnapped by the criminal organization Heero has infiltrated. It seems like the best kidnapping scenario they could have hoped for, until it becomes apparent that the only way to keep Relena out of the hands of the group’s depraved leader, and to keep Heero from being exposed as a mole – the only way to keep them both alive – is for him to break her. They never needed many words to understand each other, but this puts even that borderline supernatural ability to the test. // 1xR, Bad Guys Make Them Do It LEMON
Catherine 101
It took years for her to stop equating being seperated from the circus with certain death. A Catherine character study with the most uninspired title ever. :D
Changing Times, Changing Cars
Heero has moved up on the social ladder of hitch–hikers since his road tip with Trowa, so Cathy gets to meet Pagan and his wise words.
Cheating Doesn't Work That Way
Lady Une is breaking up with two people at the same time, neither of whom she had been involved with.
Cherry Chances
It started with her favourite treat, cherries and molten ice–cream, but ended with something even less substantial, hardly more than the promise of possibility. 2xR
Come and Go, Come and Stay
ALTERNATIVE PAIRING SEASON! Lo and behold, the wonders of pre-romantic Catherine Bloom and Heero Yuy romance. Featuring humble beginnings, surprise visits at ungodly hours, and soup at those same ungodly hours.
Death Wish
DM x HS "Do you have a death wish?" he had asked her. Over time, she learned to answer with "Yes." And now, she has learned to make him stop asking. He’ll never ask again.
Define and Conquer
Words are seldom unambiguous in meaning. Wufei and Relena bonding, something the show was cruel enough to deny us.
Drabbles themed "A Shower", for GW
A set of eight drabbles inspired by the Blissful Ignorance drabble challenge ‘A shower with any het couple’, but I cheated and added some shÇjo-ai. 120 words each. All kinds of genres, pairings and ratings.
Dream Interpretation
Heero has an oppressing nightmare. I dare all readers to give their own interpretation.
Duck Foetus Egg
"Why are you so opposed to eating babies?" An inevitable question for every visit to specialty restaurants. Quatre x Dorothy
Earth in Full Glory
Quatre loved the Earth. Maybe a bit too much.
Europe Did The Trick
Trowa’s thoughts as he travels through Europe with Heero, and hw that leads to the exchange of lavender turtlenecks and trust that transcends an OZ uniform.
Fairytale Posterboy
In a few months time, Heero will be a father telling his newborn bedtime stories. Too bad fairytales leave such a bad taste in his mouth.
Five Foolproof Ways to Win Hearts with Food
or: How Trowa Subjected Dorothy To Self–Help Books, And Self–Help Books To Dorothy.
For Firing Me
The girl bearing the latest bid for Relena Darlian’s demise might as well never have existed. // Middie, Heero, Relena // 1325 words
Forgive and... Fornicate?
Trowa and Quatre are discovered in a compromising position, enlightening conversations are held, and revelations about Duo and Heero’s love lives are had. “It must be something in the gundanium.” // meta comedy, ‘surprise’ pairings // 2862 words
ALTERNATIVE PAIRING SEASON! Lo’ and behold, the wonders (ahem) of Yuy Heero and Chang Meilan romance! AU. Starring: the bastard sons of paper worms, nattoo early in the morning and new twists to old clichés.
Heero and Relena, emotion and sensation in six drabbles. (Or: love and peace and other fuzzy feelings with only a prompt set as an excuse.)
“You are not a gallant man, Mr Maxwell, no matter how hard you try to make people believe otherwise.” // 2xR, dialogue only, fluffy New Year’s treat // 763 words
Get In Touch With Your Inner Clinginess
Three weeks, two days and roughly five hours. Another week later, Trowa got frustrated enough to actually make the calculation, something he would have scoffed at himself for at the time of reunion.
Heero the Henpecked Husband
One–Shot, 1xR ..."Okay dear. No dear. I know dear. Of course dear." "Call me ‘dear’ one more time and I’m telling Une. Nick-names are never a good sign, coming from you."... Heero’s way of arguing was entirely unsatisfactory.
Hibiki Heero
“I’ve been lost since the day I was born.” Aw, poor emotionally confused chibi!Heero. Right? Well, maybe not...
Hindsight Philosophies
Odin Lowe has some choice words for the little boy he’s decided to take under his wing.
Into the Blue
On her fifteenth birthday, Relena Darlian saved a life and brought home a gun.
Justice in the Teen Age
Ah, love and justice among newly wedded fourteen-year-olds... // 5xM // 822 words
King's Cross
In the aftermath of Siberia, the late Vice Foreign Minister Darlian is there to help him make the choice between life or death.
Life Expectancy
It was just a fluke that he’d lived this long. If he lived any longer, it would be because of her. Duo x Catherine drabble with an Episode Zero flavour.
Like Venus Melting in the Morning
Heero and Relena watch a porno. Starring ‘Relena Peacecraft, Teen Queen’ and Pilots ‘01’ through ‘05’.
Little Coloured Blocks
It’s all fun and games until the weird mercenary kid starts peeping over your shoulder and wants to have a go. Then it’s war. Ten-year-old Middie and No-Name act their age ...sort of. // gen // 1477 words
Maguanac Rites of Passage
Well, it’s not like they were expecting any privacy, right? Come on. On a holiday? 3x4
Matchmaker à Trois
When Middie was ten, there was a boy. When she is twenty-five, there are two men. In the years between, she had brought herself to ruin. A kiss won’t make an old wound better, but an extra pair of hands to help pick up the pieces wouldn’t be so bad. // 3x4, 3x12, 4x12, 3x12x4
Why, in the name of all that is sacred, was Heero in his room, dressed in a pink summer dress over khaki Preventor uniform pants, and with bleached hair? Help Trowa find out, won’t you? One–shot.
Not if you put it like that
Heero and Relena have an interesting midnight discussion about love, life and, through many bad examples, marriage.
Now I know my ABCs
Snippets of Trowa’s life before, during and after the series. He’s a smart kid, but what place does learning have in the life of a mercenary, a mechanic, a gundam pilot? Episode Zero compliant.
Nursery Rhymes and Drinking Songs
3x12. She wonders whether the two are in the same league. If the era between them can ever be bridged. Were they the same? Are they now or had they ever been...
“So, how many pictures should I expect on my birthday? It’ll certainly be a timesaver for you. No shopping. No wrapping. Though I wouldn’t be opposed to you putting a bow on it.” Relena has an intriguing request. Can Heero deliver? // 1xR // round robin with wingzerohugs // 3220 words
Poor Little Rich Kids
Five drabbles, 4x100 and 1x150 words. Relena, Quatre, and the lives they lead.
Preventor Prétear - Sally
Meeting the new Prétear, Sally Po, Sasame sees the light about the people chosen to save the day.
Price to Pay
War, they say, brings out either the best or the worst in people. It is true, but Pagan does not know which is the case with him. Pagan x Relena
Princesses Can't Be Choosers
A young Relena gets picked to be the princess in the school play, and she doesn’t like it one bit.
Queen of the World
After Heero decided to let Queen Relena live, before Zechs declared war on Earth as leader of the White Fang. He came to see her for one single reason. She made him stay for a thousand. // 1xR LEMON // 8865 words
Raising the Dead
All Hallows Eve is a night when the dead roam the world of the living. // 2xR drabble with an Episode Zero flavour // 363 words
Relena Pie
Heero, Relena, some offspring, and a beach.
A cross. A girl. A war. (A Middie Une fic.)
Seasons in the Sun
DMxRP. The stolen hours come and go in the little world they’ve built for themselves.
Heero Yuy was not Zechs, but all cats are grey in the dark. 1x9
She Could Hear Him
Set after an alternate ending to Endless Waltz, where Heero did not survive. Relena, in a crisis of faith while preparing for a press conference about the Mariemeia Uprising, gets a ‘visit’.
[Written for Terra in the Dark!Fic Exchange] AU: White Fang won the war. Zechs has locked Relena away from the world he destroyed lest it destroys her as well. All that's left now is a King, a former Queen... and ZERO. 6xR
Une never went out drinking as a cadet on account of being fourteen at the time, while Noin became an instructor after graduation and never left the cadets behind. Their stories couldn’t be more different, and yet here they are, sitting at the same bar. // 1138 words
Starlight, Earthbright
Star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight... When the night is clear, she looks up and sees him. 1xR. Fluff and pretty words with no redeeming qualities – er, I mean distractions, of course. :P
Sticky Threats
It’s Wufei and Meilan’s wedding night. Time to find yourself a bomb shelter. 5xM...ish
Sticky Trails
The brand new head of the brand new Preventer agency does not approve of creative uses of office supplies. Unless the creativity is Sally’s. 11xS
Sticky Treats
A typical blind date for two not-so-typical women. Dx12
Sticky Trials
Superglue, shirtless boys, and the only doctor around is a relative. Oh dear. 3x4
Sticky Tricks
Whether getting it in was accidental or not, getting gum out of your hair will always be nothing but punishment to some people. 2xH
Sticky Troubles
Even the best laid plans... and especially the best opportunities to get laid. 1xR
The last time he was up here, she was shot. // 1xR LEMON // 1276 words
Terminal Velocity
Sieghilde Balig Schbeiker ("Hilde to anyone but the tax registry") had always been a troublemaker. Set somewhere between episodes 25 and 32.
The Bird and the Bee
Relena’s fairy costume is too small. What’s a boyfriend to do?
The Consequences of Doing Nothing
It’s amazing where a lack of preferences when it comes to ice cream flavours can get you. 1xR
The Difference
ALTERNATIVE PAIRING SEASON! Lo’ and behold, the wonders of Dorothy Catalonia and Catherine Bloom romance! Starring; a heated argument and just about a lime.
The Heart is where Home Is
Snippets of Trowa POV introspection at several points throughout the series... about his trailer. His heart is where his home is, after all.
The Last Waltz
Set right after Endless Waltz. Relena visits her own, empty grave in the Sank Kingdom. “Miss Relena... why are we here?” “To finally bury her, Pagan. To grant her the peace she has sought for so long...”
The Locus of Victory and Defeat
Set around ep 35 or 36. Relena is having doubts, and Heero doesn’t like them or his part in creating them.
The Night was Theirs
1xR fluff, Relena’s POV. ...‘The night was wasted without him.’... Fluuuuuuff.
The Performer
Maybe, Trowa thought one day, he hadn’t been born as a soldier after all.
The Shelter
Middie Une doesn’t like people much anymore. // Middie introspection, post-Episode Zero but pre-series // 1415 words
The Woes of Miss Relena
Relena isn’t used to admitting that something is bothering her. Heero isn’t used to dragging confessions out of people. But it’s about time someone gave it a try.
Through Funky Classes
Once the entire business with the Tallgeese is resolved, Zechs and Howard turn to another important topic: what Zechs is going to wear now that OZ has thrown him out.
Used Bike For Sale
Hilde was trying to sell an old bike. Emphasis on the past tense.
Vidphones to Mars
There’s Sally on Earth and Noin on Mars. And then there’s Zechs, always in between them. [Het 9 and 6, gen 9 and S.]
Warm Water
To put it simply: 1xR, a relaxing bath and a handjob.
Wasting Bullets
Quatre is taking a walk with the saying "Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer." No romance. Reflections on friends, enemies, conviction, caring, war and pacifism. OC death.
Welcoming Words
Ep. 30; The Reunion with Relena, very last scene. Relena and Heero finally see each other again after such long time and so many trials. What could their first words to each other be?
White One
“You’re in luck, Ladybird.” the slimy voice said. “Girls this age are in high demand. I wouldn’t have been able to get you a little beauty like her for this amount if she wasn’t blind.” // Crossover with Darker than BLACK // 770 words
Women of Summer
Relena and Dorothy have an early-morning picnic in the garden. // Relena x Dorothy, fluff fluff fluffity fluff // 735 words
Your Id Is Watching You
Shared dreaming is a very serious thing for someone in Relena’s position. Except for when you have a day off and a dirty mind. // Crossover with Inception, 1xR LEMON

Multichapters / Series

Four Animal Encounters Heero Did Not Enjoy, and One He Did
Fresh Meat
Special Agent Yuy on the prowl. // 1xR with a kid, fluffy little thing // 290 words
Fresh Wounds
The karmic demise of Special Agent Yuy. // 1xR with a kid, fluffy little thing // 309 words
Fresh Blood
Special Agent Yuy and the time he came home to find his house in shambles.
Fresh Corpses
Special Agent Yuy and the one he couldn’t save.
And Then, Cannibals
The one where Special Agent Yuy finally has nice things.

Ho, Ho, Ho!
Winner Residence
Hilde's Scrap Yard and the Maxwell Maze
Sank Royal Palace
H has drawn the shortest straw once again. He must now execute J’s evil, charitable Christmas schemes and visit six households before daybreak in order to save his own behind. See how this lab–potato with no sense of direction fares.

How Not to Kidnap a Vice Foreign Minister
Before Breakfast
After Lunch
During Dinner
When you get kidnapped about three times a day, it tends to get boring. Repetitive, you know? But some incidents still stand out... // Crossover with, Ch 1: Pokémon, Ch 2: Code Geass, Ch 3: Ranma ½ // 4502 words

Just Communication
Encounters between Heero and Relena, stuffed in between canon scenes, in which they use notes, text messages and computer hacking to have a proper conversation for once. One that isn’t interrupted by explosions, even. Scattered throughout the first part of the series.
Note Passing at St Gabriel's
Set during episode two, "The Gundam Deathscythe". Semi–serious, completely free of romance. Heero and Relena pass notes in class while at St Gabriel’s. Just not about the usual gossip and teacher ridicule...
Phonemails in Japan
Sequel to “Note Passing at St Gabriel’s”, set during episode nine. Now that Heero has changed schools, he and Relena switch from paper to phonemail to exchange messages. Poor, under–appreciated vocal chords.
Instant Messaging across Antarctica
Sequel to "Note Passing at St Gabriel’s" and "Phonemails in Japan", set after ep 16. Relena had a very important letter to deliver, and really, when doing so in person was impossible, why not hack into the gundams’ communication system?

Spies Of Our Lives
   When Spies meet Howard’s Hawaiian, and Its Namesake
When Spies have Job Interviews
   When Spies meet their Karmic Twins
When Spies have Boring Assignments
   When Spies meet Wise Old Masters
When Spies have Interesting Assignments
   When Spies meet No-One. In Fact, This Never Happened
When Spies have Days Off
   When Spies meet the No-Nonsense, Unimpressed Truth
When Spies have Family Outings
   When Spies meet Relatives for Rent
When Spies have Utterly Bizarre Assignments
   When Spies meet the Undead Doctor
When Spies have No Good, Very Bad Days
   When Spies meet the Ghost of Love Disasters Past
When Spies have Reconciliation, Finally!
   When Spies meet Their Ever After
Middie Une shows up out of nowhere and enlists with the Preventers. Paranoia ensues. Or it would, if Trowa had any say in it.

Web of Alternatives
The Armed and Dangerous PA
Small Party Favors by [personal profile] badluck_koi
A role-swapped crime AU made up of interconnected one-shots featuring, so far, Heero the politician, his bodyguard Relena, Trowa the company heir, and Quatre the assassin. A collaborative project with [personal profile] badluck_koi.